Kid K’NEX to the Rescue!

K’NEX building sets are in Makerspaces and classrooms all over the world. Sadly, only a few of my students seem interested in building with K’NEX. They love LEGOS but seem intimidated by the small, weirdly shaped K’NEX pieces.

That’s why I was excited to discover Kid K’NEX. The chunky, colorful Kid K’NEX pieces are very friendly and inviting, perfect for my younger students. This early exposure will help my students become comfortable and familiar with K’NEX as they develop building and engineering skills.

From the K’NEX website: “Kid K’NEX is colorful, hands-on and engaging. Kid K’NEX encourages students to be active participants in their learning, connecting their natural curiosity and creativity with a fundamental understanding of STEM concepts such as critical thinking, problem-solving, exploratory learning, and collaboration.”

Kid K’NEX is a hit in the Wilson Makerspace!  Part of our limitation is that we only have 15 – 20 minutes to build.  With Kid K’NEX, students can make multiple objects during this time frame.  The little critters are adorable, too!



Author: Makerspace Mania!

Hi, I'm Janet! I'm a library media tech at a K - 5th grade school in Sanger, California.

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