I don’t know if other makerspaces are utilizing Spirograph, but it’s been a big hit at Wilson Elementary.

Students practice on white paper. When they get the hang of it, they move on to black paper and gel pens The results are breathtaking!






Building a LEGO Wall

I am lazy. I wanted a LEGO Wall without the effort of measuring, cutting, or gluing.

So I was ecstatic when I heard about Brik Tile – LEGO Compatible Wall Tiles. The tiles have adhesive on the back. All you do is peel and stick on a clean wall. It really was that easy.

It took about 15 minutes to put up this  40″ x 40″ LEGO Wall.

Next time Brik Tile goes on sale, we’ll probably purchase two additional 6-packs and expand our LEGO Wall to  50″ x 60″.

The tiles are removeable and won’t damage most surfaces.