I brought my Ozobot to school to introduce students to robots and coding. With very little instruction, my students drew thick black lines, including the color codes, to direct our mini-robot down a path.



Programing Ozobot is simple – you can do this by simply drawing lines and using colors. Kids use their creativity and artistic expression, while developing logical reasoning and in turn, actually learning high level coding concepts. – Ozobot


Ozobot was a big hit!  My students had fun experimenting with the various color codes. They also did a little trouble-shooting to figure out why Ozobot didn’t always follow their commands.

You can program Ozobot with colored markers on paper or with the app OzoBlockly. We’ll be rolling out the 1:1 iPad Program next year with our 5th graders. Programming the Ozobots will be the perfect opportunity to introduce coding!

I’m writing a grant for six Ozobots for the 2016 – 2017 school year.  Wish me luck! 🙂


Introducing Ozobot to my 2nd graders



Author: Makerspace Mania!

Hi, I'm Janet! I'm a library media tech at a K - 5th grade school in Sanger, California.

2 thoughts on “Introducing….Ozobot!”

  1. Awesome. We are using Ozobots in our summer programming and with our robotics clubs. Love this resource. I did not know about it. Thanks for sharing. Check when they have their Black Friday in July sale. We got them for half price last year at that time.


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