Fabric Weaving on Cardboard Looms

Weaving with fabric is a simple yet satisfying activity for children. It is often easier for little fingers to work with fabric than yarn, and the project comes together quickly.

1. CUTTING THE FABRIC – Go through your fabric stash and select patterns and colors that compliment each other.  Cut in 1 1/2″ strips.

2. MAKING THE LOOM – I used 11″x 15″ cardboard as that is what I had. You can use cereal boxes, shoe boxes, etc. Measure and mark in 1/2 inch increments, top and bottom. Cut 1/4 inch slits.


3. WARPING THE LOOM – Warp the front and back of the loom (continuous loop). This gives a little “wiggle room” if you project needs to be slightly longer (you can weave on both sides on the loom) or if you need the extra warp yarn to tie off your project.



~*~*~*~SAMPLE PROJECTS~*~*~*~







Author: Makerspace Mania!

Hi, I'm Janet! I'm a library media tech at a K - 5th grade school in Sanger, California.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Weaving on Cardboard Looms”

  1. When we did weaving, I contacted the meat market at our local supermarket (HEB). They gave me a whole package of brand new meat trays (over 100). These were easy to score with a box cutter as I could score several at one time by stacking them on top of each other. Best of all, they were free. And just the right size for mug rugs, which was our first project. We have found many other uses for them as well.


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